As a Global Fortune 500 company operating in more than 80 countries around the world, AkzoNobel has a large and diverse range of businesses in the chemicals and coatings industry. 

Dolphin Communications Ltd has worked with the company for more than eight years, at corporate level and with a number of their business units.We help with both internal and external communications, making sure the company’s messages are clearly understood at all levels by those for whom English is not their first language, as well as those who aren’t necessarily involved in technical or scientific operations.

We were heavily involved with the company’s major rebrand in 2007-08 after it bought the former ICI – the second-largest acquisition by a Dutch company in history.We helped develop both the visual identity and the company’s brand guidelines that are used at its sites around the world.Our work is regularly featured in ‘A’, AkzoNobel’s European award-winning business magazine, and we produce regular newsletters and news releases for both internal and external audiences which are used both online and in traditional media.Among the AkzoNobel businesses we work for are:
  • Automotive & Aerospace Coatings, a sponsor and technical partner to the McLaren Mercedes F1 team
  • Decorative Paints, which includes the Dulux brand
  • AkzoNobel Corporate Communications – including the Sustainability & HSE, Operational Eco-Efficiency, Internal Audit and Human Resources teams
  • The Community Program, AkzoNobel’s charitable arm that helps projects worldwide, including during major disasters such as the Thailand floods of 2012 and the eruption of Mount Merapi on Java Island in Indonesia in 2010
Dolphin International Communications