They’re all the rage. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...

Social media

They’re all the rage. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram….and countless other social media platforms. But, as a business, it can be difficult to use it properly. You need to get your message across and reach potential new customers without appearing too sales-oriented. At first glance it can be confusing, too. Why is everyone telling you what they had for breakfast?

We can help. We’ve lots of experience in both training people to use social media effectively and in managing their accounts for them if it’s what they prefer.

As native English speakers we can also help businesses find new customers they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Let’s take Twitter, with more than 400 million Tweets per day currently uploaded, as an example. Someone on holiday is likely to post a photo or an update of where they are. As a business in that location – a restaurant, say – how valuable would it be to be able to talk to them directly, maybe with a special offer to bring them to you that evening? But if they’re English-speaking and you struggle with the written word, it’s an opportunity missed….an opportunity we might have been able to take for you.